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London Map

My route around the North and South Circulars

Continuing my London’s Inner Circle series – in January 2014 I set out on a series of walks around London following roughly the route of the North and South Circular roads. My aim is to explore and capture the inner London suburbs that border this (disjointed) ring road. Think of it as an concrete version of the Capital Ring. You can see how far I’ve got on the map below.

This is a long-term project, and in 2015 I moved from London to Bristol leaving the final quarter of the South Circular slightly more logistically challenging than it was previously. However, there are still many more images to edit and post from the walks that I have completed to date, so I’m planning on catching up with those both here and on Flickr.

Day Seven – Edmonton to Wood Green

So, picking up where I left off, here’s the images from my walk in May 2014 starting in Edmonton and finishing up in Wood Green.

Edmonton Fire Station

The Art Deco Edmonton Fire Station

Church Street

Church Street Recreation Ground

Huxley Road

Tree-lined suburbia – Huxley Road, Edmonton

Kendal Parade

Master Chef, Kendal Parade, Edmonton

Kiln Lane

Tile Kiln Lane Open Space

Ostliffe Road

Ostliffe Road Footbridge

North Circular Road

North Circular Road, Palmers Green

Franlaw Crescent

Shiny Star, Franlaw Crescent

Fairbrook Allotments

White chairs on Fairbrook allotments overlooking Pymmes Brook

A406 Road Sign

Road sign on the A406 North Circular Road at Palmers Green

Tottenhall Road N13

7 in 1 Food Centre, Tottenhall Road N13

St Georges Industrial Estate

Spliff. St Georges Industrial Estate

White Hart Lane

White Hart Lane

White Hart Lane

The old Skolars Sports Bar and Elizabeth Blackwell and George Lansbury House on White Hart Lane

Hollywood Green Cinema

Hollywood Green Cinema

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