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South Cerney
Lakeside lodges at Spring Lake

Three weeks in South Cerney and the Cotswold Water Park

2020: Rural
Stockhill Wood

Rural images from the UK, captured during 2020.

Best of Bristol 2019
Ashton News Convenience Store

Some of my personal favourite images from 2019

Cycle for Safe Wate…
Gondimelaka Village

A 400km cycle ride through Andhra Pradesh, India with Frank Water

Thirty from 2017
2017 Review

Thirty of my favourite shots from 2017.

The old Severn Brid…
Sunset at the old bridge

The original Severn crossing

The M5 Footbridge
M5 Light Trails

Early morning overlooking the M5 Motorway

The M4 Footbridge
M4 Footbridge

Spiral footbridge over the M4 Motorway